PunchKit – To Become A Downloadable Applet


A week or so ago I re-read the brief for the second part of the sound module to make sure I had fulfilled as much as possible in order to maximise possible marks. Obviously you don’t need to do everything listed but I thought It might help my cause if I do more than just one. Here’s the brief:

Part 3 (term2) 50% Project

Sound Practice, a negotiated project developing/extending part 2 Project working towards either a live performance ie Apollo performance, a downloadable applet for others to experiment with including examples of output as mp3 /streaming media, an integrated site (see altzero.com ) a collection of tracks with interactive element, webcast. Individual or collaborative.
4 page conference format documentation of your Negotiated project, this must contextualise (historically, culturally, practically) your project, discussing production approach, conceptual and practical strategies, ideas and inspirations with a short evaluation.

Originally I was just going to be doing a live performance on the day and handing in the documentation etc, but the more I rebuilt PunchKit and developed it I found the software also works quite nicely as an independent applet to be used/played with a USB keyboard instead of the Punchbag. To test this theory out I added the nessecary functionality and passed it around to my housemates to have a play with and amazingly it went down a great success with everyone enjoying it, although I cannot say much for the quality of their finished recording!

So now, as well as doing a live performance, I plan to officially release the software as a FREE downloadable applet for anyone to play with. It’s obviously only in a ‘Beta’ phase and is intended solely for fun, musical composition/mixing and cannot be guaranteed in terms of reliability and carries no official support or warranty.

I am in the process of finishing off the PunchKit website where the applet will be downloadable from – so watch this space as I’ll be uploading the link soon!

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