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I have recently finished my first release (v1.1) of the Grooveshark Search extension for Expression Engine. This a little something I have been developing to aid and benefit my final year project – The ISDB (Internet Soundtrack Database) – making it easy for moderators to quickly add music to new database entries. The ‘Custom Field’ extension uses both the Expression Engine ‘Fieldtype’ API and Groovesharks’ ‘Tiny Song’ API to deliver upto 10 results from a ’song|artist|album’ query.

I am currently in discussion with developers at Grooveshark (which is quite exciting) over how I can further develop this plugin and release it to others. However – they did say they are in the progress of porting across the WordPress plugin which will soon make mine worthless in terms of an official release, but it will still be ideal for the purposes which I need it for!

Below are some screenshots of the extension in use:

Typing into the input field, with search status icon on the right:

The Input Field

Results listed. Just click to add song:
Ajax Results List

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