Category: PRID302

EE – Grooveshark Fieldtype Extension


I have recently finished my first release (v1.1) of the Grooveshark Search extension for Expression Engine. This a little something I have been developing to aid and benefit my final year project – The ISDB (Internet Soundtrack Database) – making it easy for moderators to quickly add music to new database entries. The ‘Custom Field’ [...]

The ISDB – First Designs Complete


So I have just finished the first designs for ‘The ISDB’ website. I probably went through 3 major revisions before settling on the following. I think the designs are fresh, modern, minimalist and attractive which[...]

FYP Concept 4: Dip Engine


Not being overly convinced with my submission for the final year project, I’ve continued to brain storm and last night I came up with my fourth idea! For those who don’t know its meaning ‘Serendipity’ is a word used in the event of making unexpected and fortunate discoveries. This notion is one that continues to drive [...]

FYP Concept 3: OST Social Networking

One of our final year tutors, Shaun Murray, made a comment during the last seminar urging us to pick a topic/context/technology for our final year project that genuinely interests us and not one that we believe they want us to pick or would improve our mark. From years of past experience the lecturers say that [...]

FYP Concept 2: Augmented Viral Marketing

Whilst discussing some initial notions and personal interests for my dissertation, in yeserdays PRID301 seminar, I came up with another possible concept for my final year project.
One of the topics I mentioned, which I find really interesting, is Viral Marketing. It interests me because it is still a relatively new, or should i say more [...]

Final Project Concept 1 – A Collaborative & Social DJing Installation

My first real concept for my final project is to produce a collaborative DJ system whereby anyone can interact with the system to experience and change the audio output. The ideal interactive solution for this would be via SMS, where the user can text in one of a number of keywords to start/stop a loop. [...]