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PunchKit – Website & Promo Film Go Live


Just in time for the presentation tommorrow the PunchKit website has been put live. On the website you can download the latest release of the applet as well as watch the promotional video showing what PunchKit is all about! Presently the website is solely there for publicity but in the future, if the project gets carried on, it would be developed to provide more detailed information and support [...]

PunchKit – To Become A Downloadable Applet


A week or so ago I re-read the brief for the second part of the sound module to make sure I had fulfilled as much as possible in order to maximise possible marks. Obviously you don’t need to do everything listed but I thought It might help my cause if I do more than just one. Here’s the brief: [...]

PunchKit – Re-Built From Scratch


So I know that in this second part of the sound module we are not marked on any of technology side of things, but I have taken the time to completely rebuild the software of PunchKit in MaxMSP. This is due to a number of reasons – the main of which is that in release 1 (v177) there was a syncing issue which meant after 30 seconds or so of recording and everything had fully dropped out of sync – a major issue for a product that is meant to be a live compositional tool [...]

PunchKit – Soldiering On (Mook Jong Style)


So after my previous post and having talked to Dan about wanting to head in a new direction with PunchKit we kind of went full circle and agreed I sould solider on and continue developing it as a compositional instrument. With little time to go to the hand-in it really isn’t feasible to start something else now so I just have to work with what I’ve got and try as hard as possible to make adjustments in order to improve the sound output [...]

PunchKit: Live Composition FAIL

Punch Bag Interface

For the second part of my sound module project, ‘PunchKit’, I was hoping (and trying) to develop the concept into more of a live installation/compositional instrument where a user could layer up a complex track, using the built in overdub functionality, to create detailed musical pieces[...]

PunchKit – Manual + Download


So I just emailed Dan the finished manual for PunchKit. It is a very simple document basically explaining how to setup and run the hardware/software[...]

PunchKit Presentation – Done! :D


So I have just got back from uni where I had to present my ‘Sound Practice’ project – PunchKit! To give a quick overview of what the project is all about: “PunchKit is an innovative interactive musical instrument which allows users to compose, mix and generate music whilst physically engaging with a punch bag. Although PunchKit [...]

PunchKit – Patcher Screenshots


So today I finished the software (MaxMSP program) for my PunchKit project. I was planning on describing how it all worked, and talking through the patches – but it was getting so complicated that I decided I would just provide screen shots of each patch and give a brief description of what each on achieves!
Primary [...]

Attaching Pressure Pads (Mat) To Punch Bag


Yesterday the £150 Gold’s Gym punchbag (tube trainer) arrived and after assembling it, filling the base with water (making it very heavy = transportation issues), and having a bit of fun with it – I finally got around to attaching the pressure pads from the dance mat. I initially wanted to move a couple of [...]

Dance Mat Mapping in Max/MSP

Dance Mat

Today I finally received my PS2-USB converter which meant I was able to connect the PS2 dance mat to Max/MSP and begin mapping the pressure pads. The reason I need to map each pad is so I can identify which pad is being hit and released. To do this I used the ‘Hi (Human Interface)‘ [...]

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